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A lawsuit has brought a 2017 internal Veterans Affairs report back to the surface that shows Black veterans were more often denied benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder than their white veterans. How is the VA addressing this unfortunate situation? Medication-induced abortions are at the forefront and conservative politicians are looking to close this loophole. California will be offering lower-priced Insulin for at least a reported $30-$35 Dollars. Any concerns?


It’s Monday so it’s time for today’s Medical Minute With Dr. Mel. Russ and Dr. Mel where you can get the answers to these questions and more.







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On Black Veterans being denied benefits

Russ: There’s a new report on Black Veterans with PTSD being denied benefits. What’s that all about?

Dr. Mel: Well, there was a newly surfaced 2017 internal Veterans Affairs report. It shows that black veterans were more often denied benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, compared to their white counterparts. And of course, this is despite research that shows that Black Vietnam Veterans have higher rates of PTSD, than white, in part because they saw combat more often. And so, there’s a lawsuit that’s bringing all this information to light now, and it’s forcing, hopefully, the VA to address disparities based on race and VA benefits decisions.


Medical-Induced Abortions

Dr. Mel: Yes, and it is safe and effective. Most pregnancy terminations actually happen using medication and they can be obtained via telemedicine and mailed anywhere in the United States. So that’s why conservative groups now are trying to get them outlawed nationwide. So, for example, we’re seeing in Wyoming that just became the first state to ban theirs. And right now, a conservative federal judge in Texas is ruling whether these medication-induced abortions are safe and lawful, despite the fact that their FDA approved. So it’s creating a real concern about pregnancy termination becoming more dangerous if these medications are outlawed, essentially.

Will Lower-Priced Insulin help people who are affected by Diabetes?

Russ: Now there are a lot of diabetics out there that are in need of insulin, and I saw an article where in California the governor, there is going to be selling insulin for $30. Is that the good news about insulin right now?

Dr. Mel: That’s part of it. You know, there are over 8 Million people in the United States with diabetes who rely on insulin. And so the inflation Reduction act, the CAP capped out-of-pocket costs for insulin for people on Medicare at $35.00, but it didn’t address other populations like people who have other kinds of insurance outside of Medicare, so now we’re seeing that the three leading producers of insulin in the United States are now extending that $35 cap for those people with Insurance and people without any insurance at all. So now it’s going to become much more affordable.




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