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When in Jamaica you are sure to hear the signature phrase “Yaaman!” from many of the local residents on the island. We took an excursion to Yaaman Adventure Park to get a little dirty and drive the dune buggies through the mud. Now normally, I’m not one to want to play in the dirt but when on vacation, we do things we normally wouldn’t! As Jay Showtyme and I climbed into an already very muddy dune buggy, my adrenaline was pumping and I was excited to get out on the trail. The dune buggies can go up to speeds as fast as a normal car so we set out over the hills full speed ahead. Once we got to the first big puddle, the guides asked us if we were ready and we mashed the gas and splashed our way through.

The park has more options for those who don’t want to get dirty, including horseback riding, bird feeding, ATVs, a jitney tour, segways, and camel riding! That’s right, camels in Jamaica! Yaaman Adventures is just one of the many attractions while you’re in the beautiful country of Jamaica!