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Tune in to the show tonight to catch another edition of the  #OhSoReal Scenario  ! Tonight, Thomas is asking for your advice, give us a call, (844) 258-8762 or feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook page!

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Thomas and his wife Brenda are extremely career driven and ambitious individuals. They have two children 12 and 15 years of age. Thomas says he has always encouraged his wife to go get what she wants. It’s been 6 months since Brenda got  a big promotion and she hasn’t spent much time with her family since then. When she happens to have free time she’s exhausted. Thomas says there have been times when she’s been away from the family for weeks at a time. Thomas is beginning to think he may have pushed his wife too far.  Tonight, Thomas is asking if he would be selfish to ask her to scale things back and get back to spending time with the family even though he was the one pushing her to succeed? What advice would you offer to Thomas? 

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