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What is the internet’s infatuation with asking rappers about their politics? Granted, I understand that everyone, including rappers, is entitled to their own opinions and views, but just started to become cringe-worthy. 

During a recent interview with The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee was asked about why he convinced his rap partner Slim Jxmmi to move to Miami. Lee immediately spun the conversation political, which no one asked for. He also sounded a lot like a young conservative spewing talking points to please an audience. 

“It’s tax-free, so, you’re making a lot of money, but you’re giving half of your money to Uncle Sam,” said Lee before throwing super shade in Biden’s direction. “You’re giving half of your money away to Joe Biden for him to send that sh*t over to another country,” said Lee, discussing America’s aid to Ukraine. “He got [Ukraine straight before he got his own country straight. I don’t really agree with that.”

As soon as Swae Lee opened the door, the host walked right in, asking Lee if he would vote for Trump in 2024. 

Lee responded, “If I had to choose between the A and the B, I’d definitely go with Trump over Biden for sure.” When it was Slim Jxmmi’s turn to answer the question he declined. 

But Lee wasn’t done expressing his love for Trump.

“He freed Kodak [Black]. He freed Wayne. He tapped in,” said Lee. 

As I said previously, rappers are entitled to their own opinions, but sometimes I just wish they’d keep it to themselves. Pardoning rappers shouldn’t be all you need to do to get a vote, especially for the highest office in America.  It’s no surprise Swae Lee has conservative-leaning views, he’s rich. But, when someone asks you why you voting Republican and you say because he pardoned rappers, I’m going to need you to dig a little deeper playa. There are so many more issues that are more important than a pardon. 

Shouts out to Slim Jxmmi for staying as far away from the political question as possible. He’s the real MVP.

Swae Lee isn’t the only Hip Hop titan to recently show his support for the Trumpster. DJ Akademiks was spotted at last weekend’s UFC match cheesing from ear to ear while taking a picture with the Donald.

Some folks in Hip Hop have a weird thing for the guy, but who are we to judge.


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