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Former Rapper Pras Michel Goes On Trial For Conspiracy Charges In Washington, D.C.

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Fugees rapper Pras isn’t taking any slander from the Hip Hop community surrounding his pending charges stemming from an alleged illegal foreign influence scheme. According to the Los Angeles Times, Pras is suing 50 Cent and Kyrie Irving for calling him an FBI informant and using defamatory words like “rat.” On Wednesday Pras’ attorney Attorney David Kenner sent notification letters to representatives for 50 Cent and Kyrie, making them aware of the lawsuit.

According to Kenner, 50 Cent is being hit with defamation for an April 24, 2023, Instagram post which labeled Pras as a “rat,” and went on further to say he always “knew” Pras was a “rat.”

“50 Cent’s labeling of Pras as a ‘rat’ to his 29 million followers on Instagram was unsubstantiated and has caused significant damage to Pras and Attorney Kenner’s business interests and reputations, as well as placed their safety at risk,” said Erica Dumas, a spokesperson for Pras and his attorney.

The publication Rolling Stone also referred to Pras as “an informal FBI informant,” but later redacted that part of the story, changing it to say he “voluntarily met with FBI agents.”

“Any suggestion of Pras being an “informant” or “rat” is entirely false and without merit. It is unacceptable for anyone with over 50 million social media followers combined to make false and damaging statements that can harm the interests, reputations, and safety of individuals.”

NBA star Kyrie Irving is also being hit with a defamation lawsuit for an April 25 Twitter post labeling Pras as an “FBI Informant.”

“We are deeply troubled by this recent tweet made by Kyrie on Twitter to his 4.7 million followers accusing Pras of being an FBI informant, said Dumas. “This comment was and is false and defamatory and has caused significant damage to the business interests and reputations of Pras and attorney Kenner, as well as has placed their safety at risk.”

Pras Michel was found guilty of 10 counts related to a major conspiracy plot against the U.S. government in a federal court in Washington, D.C. last month. Michel faced multiple counts over the failed plan to help Malaysian businessman Jho Low and the Chinese government gain access to high-profile U.S. officials, including former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Despite the charges, Pras’ team says they are committed to seeing these lawsuits through and issued a warning to any media thinking about spreading false information about their client.

“We urge the media to exercise caution and refrain from spreading unfounded allegations that can harm the reputation and safety of individuals, said Dumas. “We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of our clients and will take all necessary steps to ensure that they are not subjected to baseless attacks or defamation.”


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