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Women's Empowerment 2019

Source: Delmas Cooper / Radio 1 Digital

The Listen To Black Women panel facilitated by Cynthia Bailey, Erin Byrd, Erica Campbell, April Parker Jones, Keyaira Kelly, Shamika Sander, and Maticia Sims at Women’s Empowerment 2019.

Listen To Black Women is the new show from Hello Beautiful and Madame Noire. The show discusses the issues affecting Black Women most while incorporating the voices of their audience and experts.

Asking the women about how they deal with their health physically, mentally, spiritually. Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell mention, “Of course I’m an advocate for prayer, but I never want prayer to go over the things that I actually need to do. Prayers not a bandaid for therapy. Prayers not a bandaid for actually going to the doctor. You have to go to the doctor. Sometimes we need counseling.”

She continues, ” Sometimes we actually need to cut people off. When you pray and listen and God says ” Ok, you’re at the end.” Be at the end and cut it off. Just because you’re spiritual, it doesn’t mean you crazy and you ignore the normal things that happen in life.”



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