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Before you know it we’ll be casting our ballots for the next president of the United States. One person who wants to keep their name and policies on your mind is Sen. Elizabeth Warren. People have been responding pretty well to her policies online so much so that Roland Martin saw someone on Twitter refer to her as “policy Bae.”

Warren says she’s running for president because, “we’ve got to make some real change in this country.” She dropped out of school at 19 to get married and then went back when it was $50 a semester. She worked as a waitress to put herself through school and went on to become a special needs teacher and now presidential candidate.

As she looks at the country today the opportunities she was afforfef just don’t exist anymore. Her goal is to “help build opportunity,” she says. And she’s doing more than talking about it, she has plans.

One of those plan is to wants to wipe out student loan debt for 42 million Americans because, “it’s dragging down young folks” and “it’s holding back our hold economy.”

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