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Source: General / Radio One

The Lone Star State is now one step closer to eliminating the inspection process long required for drivers attempting to register their vehicle.

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Over the weekend, a bill to get rid of vehicle safety inspections passed in the senate. Next, the bill will return to the House for a vote. If successful, it will then be sent to Governor Greg Abbott.

Those behind the bill argue that the inspections don’t actually do much to make Texas roads safer and are an inconvenience to drivers.
But despite the relief it may bring some motorists who can’t afford costly repairs to pass the annual inspection, Texans, including inspectors, are against the legislation saying it will put some small businesses out of work.
From KXXV:

Al Siddiq, owner and manager of Al’s Drive-Thru Inspection Station in Waco, is calling on lawmakers to stop the progress of the bill. “It’s gonna put Texas lives in jeopardy. It’s gonna put more pressure on police officers, as if they don’t have enough pressure already,” Siddiq said.

If the inspections are eliminated, a $7.50 fee will be applied to the drivers’ final vehicle registration process.

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