Ice Cube at Al Wissam Meet & Greet

Source: Fatima T. / Al Wissam

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According to Ice Cube, ‘The Final Friday’ movie; film is “ready to be announced. I’m writing — I mean, that’s deep,” he continued. “To me, we got great actors in the movie, you know? Some comedians, some just great actors. So the movie’s gonna have the right chemistry — that to me is not anything to worry about. It’s more about do they have the material that they can take and turn into magic. It’s on me to put that in their hands..” Ice Cube wants it to come out on the 25th anniversary of ‘Friday,’ which is April 26, 2020. It’s not clear if that will still happen. Unfortunately, “Smokey” who is played by Chris Tucker has back out of joining ‘The Final Friday’ movie.

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