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Shanta Atkins Debuts New Single ‘Lifetime’ and Shares How She Got Her Start

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She’s a singer-songwriter and educator. She’s also the executive director of Love Changes Lives Inc her debut album ‘Follow Jesus’ is available now on all digital outlets and she’s with us today. Welcome Shantae Adkins! 

Listen, y’all, I’m excited about the release of this album that was released last Sunday. It’s out now and we’re about to debut a song from your project that I’m so excited about. About to debut a song from this project, but before we do, tell us what this particular song ‘Lifetime’ means to you. 


So I wrote this song and because I just wanted it to be like a testament to me serving God with my life, it’s like, you know, the rest of the songs that I worry about Jesus and so. But yeah, I love this song. I think it’s really fun and exciting and I’m hoping that everybody listens to it in the summertime and they really want to serve Jesus for the rest of their life. 



Check out Shantae Adkins had everything to say about new project and how she got her start.



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