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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta begins with Scrappy, Kirk, and Joc kicking it somewhere in Atlanta. Then we find Karlie Redd, Erica Dixon, Rasheeda and Rasheeda’s mom kicking it in another part of the A. Both Scrappy and Erica are giving their respective sides of their drama. Basically, neither they nor did certain relatives play well at Emani’s birthday party.  It was so bad that Emani actually cried about it. Later on, Erica gives birth to her twin girls but they end up in the NICU. That’s all that Erica cares to focus on for now. 

Yung Joc feels that Sina, Sharonda Karlie, and Shekinah’s gossiping ruined his relationship with Kendra. He goes to him and Sharonda’s shop to demand answers from Shekinah, Karlie, Sharonda, and Sina about what they said. Shekinah keeps it real and she did spill some tea to people (not Kendra) but that she was only repeating what she heard from Karlie. Joc appreciated her honesty but now Karlie and Sharonda have some explaining to do. Karlie said she got it from Sharonda. Sharonda said it’s true because he does flirt with the stylists. Sina said Joc does flirt a lot, so obviously they’re not wrong to gossip, even though these rumors snowballed into something completely insane. 

Now, we know that a lot of the women in Jocs’ life have said that he flirts. But Kendra thinks that he has been slanging D. Karlie then demands to know if it’s true that he has been sleeping with other stylists or not. Wait, so now she wants to verify after the fact? 

Anyway, Joc says it’s not true and he seems genuine. He’s different this time. He gets so upset that he starts going off on them because he feels like they messed up his relationship. Sina, Karlie, and Sharonda push back because they don’t feel like they’re wrong, which they are. That’s when Joc wigs out, no pun intended. He goes and angrily tosses an inanimate object just so they know it’s real. We’ve never seen him this mad but he really loves Kendra and lost her to sabotage. Even though, if Kendra was so quick to break up with him behind rumors, and without verification, then maybe she wasn’t really the one after all. He tells Sina and Sharonda to get out and threatens to shut the shop down. 

Later on, Joc finds Kendra at her job and tries to state his case but she still isn’t trying to hear him. Her thing now is that he shouldn’t have been messy enough to have those rumors flying about him anyway. Joc definitely loves Kendra, but she’s done, at least for now.  What she wants most before even considering a relationship with him again is space. 

Karlie Redd’s daughter, Jasmine, makes an appearance, just in time for Rasheeda’s upcoming mother/daughter event. But before the event, they have some bonding time where Jasmine tells Karlie that she’s taking a break from school because people have been talking trash about her mom based on the things Pooh has been saying. Karlie is pissed that Pooh’s rumors are affecting her daughter and plans to “fix her.” Speaking of Pooh, she has three grown daughters. One of those daughters, Najee, comes to visit her. Pooh tells her about the Karlie situation from her perspective. Obviously, Pooh thinks Karlie is jealous of her and that she’s a crazy person poisoning the other women against her for no real reason. 

Pooh mentions the upcoming mother/daughter event, but that she’s not sure if she’s going to go since people don’t like her. Najee has some sense and tells Pooh that she should go because she’s older than those women and more seasoned and really shouldn’t be involved in this. Therefore, she can coexist peacefully without drama.  You read that correctly, Pooh’s daughter seems to be more mature than she is. 

Now we’re at Rasheeda’s Classy mommy daughter event. It starts off well at first. Karlie and Pooh manage to avoid each other at first. But then it’s Karlie and Jasmine’s turn to say sweet things to each other. Jasmine starts by talks about how strict her mom was but that she understands it and loves her. Then Karlie says she doesn’t show her daughter on TV much because she shelters her. Then talks about how she’s disturbed by the fact that her daughter is leaving school due to being bullied about her. And then…Karlie pulls out the lie detector resultsbecause she just had to make Rasheeda’s event about her, naturallyand starts talking about how her lie detector test results to show that anything that people are saying about her is wrong followed by ugly crying. Pooh asks who “people” are. You know, the people who have been saying stuff about her, because she knows it’s aimed at her. That sets Jasmine off so she gets up and storms toward Pooh like she’s going to fight. Meanwhile, Karlie is holding up the paper saying that results are that Pooh lied. By this time, Najee is in on the melee trying to scrap with Jasmine and Rasheeda, but security is handling the situation. You know they are not about to let anyone fight. 


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