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Life is a roller coaster and we all go through challenges. Jacque Reid Goes Inside Her Story with Cora Jakes-Coleman, who is no stranger to life’s challenges. Her new book, Victory: Having the Edge for Success on the battlegrounds of Life, will help people gain the tools to overcome and come through hard times. Coleman herself has overcome depression and she calls it “a heavy thing.” She explains that she knew she was depressed because she, “didn’t want to do anything,” and “had no desire, no passion to move.” Her faith and therapy helped her get through it and she encourages everyone to get the help that they need. The church is often criticized for looking down on people for who need therapy but Coleman believes it’s more of a Black community issue than a church issue. The common beliefs like”what goes on in this house stays in this house,” are a huge reason why we often don’t seek the help that we need.


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