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Got My Eyes On Heaven | Ericaism

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So I did a pretty cool podcast last week. Dear Future Wifey podcast while I was in Dallas doing a photo shoot for Jay Bolin with my daughter Krista and one of the questions that of that literacy asked me was how do you, you know, handle people and the things that they say, you know, how do you stay focused? You know when temptation comes and my answer was simple and it’s always the same and it’s just, it’s just that I love Jesus. For real, and I believe that he’s coming back and I believe that this world is actually short and that eternity is forever. And when I stand before God, the excuse of people got on my nerves will not get me into heaven, will not justify wrong actions, wrong thinking, wrong choices. It will not. And if God tells us that we have to live a life surrendered to him, right for God to love the world that he gave his only son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 


And it doesn’t say that whosoever does not sin shall not perish, it said who believes in him. And I believe God. I believe he protects me like he says, so I don’t have to get into a space of being overwhelmed and stressed out that I gotta make my own way because God won’t make a way if his word says he provides, then what am I stressing for if he never told me to trust people? 

He told me to trust him so I don’t have to get into a position of protecting myself from people because you know people are crazy and they be trying to do. 00:01:36 Speaker 1 

I’m doing it so I’m not falling into the trick of being vindictive or or being envious or revenge, getting people back or telling people off. And ohh, you ain’t gonna do that to me, because people will run over you. You not going to run over me because the Holy Spirit is going to tell me when you have bad intentions. So I don’t even have to protect myself. How do I protect myself from this stuff, keep my eyes focused on Jesus and what he said and what he promised. And don’t be distracted. Because a lot of times the issues and lives are literally distractions trying to keep you from your purpose. 

Here’s what I pay attention to when the when the drama comes when people start talking, what it’s around, when I get bad news, because the industry is crazy, it’s up and down. They like you, and then they don’t. Maybe not the people, but the executives in the. Behind the scenes, who? Y’all have no idea. It can give you every reason to build up some type of anger and resentment in your heart, and I go no God, you gave me this gift.  



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I don’t have to fight. I don’t have to go tell nobody off. I don’t have to go operate and work with people. That’s crooks. And don’tn’t have good. Nope, I can do things the right way, because God’s way gets God’s results.  

So how do I stay focused? How do I keep from, you know, worrying about people and being, you know, one of them angry Christians? Because I’m trying to see Jesus for real. And when I stand before him and he asked me Erica, what did? You do that? Why did? You say that I won’t have no excuse. I won’t be able to say because they, you know, they got on my nerves. God well, you know, people never tell you. Trust them in the 1st place. Keep your eyes stay. On me and. I’ll keep you in perfect peace. Trust in me. Rest in me. I’ll supply all your needs. There it is. There, that’s the secret. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to see Jesus for real. So I’m living my life now. So when eternity comes, I can be with Jesus.



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