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Another season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta has come to an end. Nina Parker rounds up the group again tonight to rehash all the drama. These are some of the highlights:

Karlie and Joc clear some things up about the Houston trip. They didn’t have sex. However, Joc was inappropriate with Karlie. He flirted heavily with her and mentioned nothing about Kendra. Karlie apologized for her part in the situation and said she wouldn’t have disrespected Kendra if had Joc mentioned her. But, she’s on the couch with Joc and wearing his engagement ring so all is forgiven. 

Stevie J apologized to Mimi for blindsiding her with the news about his marriage to Faith…of all things to apologize about. Mimi doesn’t think Stevie is genuine. Then we revisit all the times Stevie, Ty and Mimi got into it. In short, Mimi and Ty are still on a different page from Stevie. It seems like he’s not going to be honest about his antagonistic behavior toward them. 

Speaking of family drama, CeCe, Momma Dee, Scrappy and Bambi seem to be on one accord. The grandmothers finally stopped beefing. But Erica Dixon is another story. She joins the group on stage and gets into how herself, Scrappy, and Bambi are not getting along. Rasheeda the Love Guru chimes in and tells them the obvious, which is that they have to start getting along for the sake of their kids. 

Then we touch on Karlie Redd’s drama with Mo. At first, when the season started she talked about how amazing he was. By the time the season ended, she mentioned that he’s verbally aggressive toward her, etc. We ended the show not knowing where they were but Karlie says they’re still engaged and working on their stuff. Mimi and Rasheeda are worried about her because they don’t think she is happy. 

Mimi and Rasheeda ain’t lying either.

Then we touch on Karlie Redd and Pooh’s season-long drama about whether Karlie had a threesome with Pooh and her husband, Hiriam Hicks, or not. Karlie Redd got a lie detector test during the season (that we didn’t see on camera) and claims the test shows that She’s telling the truth. But you know what show this is. So, Vh1 gave Karlie their own test with their own polygraph expert, just in case Karlie is lying, and Nina Parker will read the results…next week.

Yup, we got left hanging.

In case your wondering, Pooh got one too but she used her own person so it’s not considered valid unless she uses VH1’s person. Pooh refuses to use Vh1’s person, so that’ that. 

Womp womp.


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