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Diamond and Silk are baaaaaaack!

This time, the avid Donald Trump supporters are angry at Eminem and are clapping back after he gave a fierce freestyle about Trump during the BET Hip Hop Awards earlier this week.

Foolishly standing behind an image of the iconic rapper and holding a bag of M&Ms, the two invoked every negative stereotype about Black women one can imagine.

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Eye-rolling and screaming, the two went in: “Yo! I don’t care if you’re name Eminem, Butter Cup, Peanut, Slim Jim or Curtain Shade, when you come for the Donald, we will be coming for you!”

The duo continued telling the Detroit rapper to stop whining and show the President some respect.

“Trump’s your President! He’s he’s he’s he’s the President! Trump’s your President! He’s he’s he’s he’s the President…Get over it! Stop crying like a baby and a little b—h! You mad you mad that Hillary lost! Diamond and Silk been trying to tell you Trump’s the boss! He’s a baller, a shot caller.

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A mess!  But this is to be expected from these two.

Just over the summer, the duo went on Fox News defending Trump after he said there were some “very fine” white supremacists” and that the violence in Charlottesville was caused by “both sides.”

“It can’t be one-sided. All of them was wrong for doing what they was doing.” Silk told Fox News anchors earlier this week.

“We have to live in this country together,” Diamond said. “People’s freedom of speech have to be protected because it’s protected by the first amendment. So we can’t look at one side, we have to look at all sides cause all of them created violence.”

She added:  “I didn’t like the white nationalists, the KKK, the neo-Nazis, David Duke, but I also didn’t like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.”

Sigh. What people will do and say for money and fame.

We’re pretty sure that Em is not pressed about Diamond and Silk and their shenanigans—and neither are we.


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