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Faith Walking: No Second Hand Fear

faith walking

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Today I want to talk about waiting for God’s instruction, making sure that you’re not moving in emotion. It’s easy to do that because we take in. So we take in so many messages, especially if you’re on social media or even if you just watch the news all day or whatever it is we can take in other people’s emotion. They call it a second hand embarrassment or secondhand fear from someone else’s fear that wasn’t originally yours, and you take it on. 


I want you to make sure that you get your instruction from God. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. Yes, be informed. Yes, be aware of what’s going on, but don’t get so consumed that you don’t live your life because you are kind of trapped because you’ve gotten afraid. The news will tell you everything is going on and it is, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t in control. 




And so I want you to live your life. Don’t live in fear. Don’t be afraid to take chances and travel and do different things and go different places because of someone else’s fear. You tell them your plans and girl, you can’t do that. You know, so and so is going on their kidnapping people. Well, I’m gonna be the one that they not gonna get because the Holy Spirit is going to guide me. Give me discernment. And I got angels covering me, protecting me. Do not live in fear. God did not give you a spirit of fear but power. Love and a sound mind. God will give you direction and instruction. It’s simple things like sometimes you turn down a wrong street and you think it’s a detour. Yeah, it was a detour, right? God was protecting you. From an accident that was on the street, and if God will protect you then then he’ll protect you all the time. 


So don’t walk in fear. Don’t take secondhand fear from watching the news or scrolling on social media. And this is bad. And that is bad and this is bad. And yes it is. But guess what? I believe the host of heaven is protecting me, so I’m not walking in fear and I don’t want you to walk in fear either. 


That is my faith walk. Victory walk in your power and listen. Tell somebody else that they’ve got victory too. 


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