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Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with author and award winning journalist Elaine Welteroth. Her newest book, More Than Enough, made Jacque feel like she was curled up by the fireplace talking to her “BFF.”

Welteroth made history by becoming the youngest editor ever at Teen Vogue and last year took a huge leap of faith and left. That’s when she decided to write More Than Enough. She says it’s not a self help book or a career book; it’s a love letter.

She decided to write the book because she believes the world needs more stories from “young Black women.”  Especially young girls who are working on finding out where they fit in the world. We live in the time of social media where all we’re seeing is the “highlight reels” and we’re not  “seeing the struggle behind the triumph.”

In the book she not only wrote about her professional life but also her personal life, like relationships.  What she hopes that women take away from the book regarding relationships is that they need to trust, “that voice when it is time to walk away.”

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