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Affion Crockett is one of the most talented men in Hollywood, and he’s always working! Shockingly he just shot his first stand-up special! It’s not shocking that he did it but it’s shocking that it’s his first! He calls it “Mirror To Society,” and he’s excited for it to be released.

Tom was eager to hear from Jay-Z about his NFL deal, so Crockett channeled his inner Jay-Z to explain what’s going on. “We not talking about knees no more,” he said, “That’s done. We talking about Elbows, we talking about planks.” But that’s not all, there were several other body parts involved, “we taking an ankle, we taking a back,” he continued.

Well…there you have it. We doubt you’ll get a better explanation than that one.

You can catch Crockett tonight and all weekend at the Arlington Improv in Dallas. This is the second time he’s bumped heads with Tom lately. When he was performing in Charlotte Tom was there with his One More Time Experience and today it’s happening again!

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