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Bravo TV announced that Forever fine actress Garcelle Beauvais will join the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This will make her the first Black woman to join the RHOBH franchise. The 52-year-old Haitian-American actress is known for The Jamie Fox Show, NYPD Blue, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Power, and much more.

“I am excited and proud to be joining the cast of such a wildly popular and beloved show like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As a working actor who has been in the industry for some time, it’s exhilarating to have the opportunity to delve into a new chapter in the entertainment spectrum. As the first African American Housewife in the Beverly Hills franchise, I am honored and humbled by this awesome opportunity to exemplify the fact that Black Girl Magic lives and thrives in every zip code!”  Garcelle said in a statement to  Bravo’s The Daily Dish.  “Already being intimately familiar with the spotlight of Hollywood, my journey of successes and trials has already been chronicled and shared with my many loyal supporters around the world. The continual encouragement, support and yes, even at times, criticism, have helped make me the dynamic woman I am today. I’m excited to share the many ongoing daily surprises, laughs and joys of being a working mother in today’s crazy world. The hustle is R-E-A-L! No games, all heart and a little dash of fashion-filled sass is what you’ll get when you step into my sphere…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Beauvais used #blackgirlmagic as the hashtag on her Instagram post announcing the news. The franchise is no stranger to having Hollywood actresses, as Denise Richards is also part of the crew, but let’s just hope Auntie G keeps it cute and clachet (“classy-ratchet”) and doesn’t get too caught up in drama that’s beneath her. It’s sometimes hard to do with reality TV, especially with the way these people get ambushed in situations where drama is inevitable. We’ll keep hope alive because a Black woman as accomplished and seasoned as “Fancy” is most definitely a pro at throwing shade and not fists. We already know she has some petty in her, which can be referenced from that time she sent an email to the press airing out her ex-husband’s dirty dog ways. And we also know she’ll be serving some lewks! So that’s something to look forward to.

This is actually smart on Bravo’s part because Housewives fans have been saying for years that RHOBH never features black women. The addition of Garcelle Beauvais taps into Real Housewives of Atlanta fans. A lot of those same watchers remember Auntie G from her Jamie Foxx days. It’s going to be interesting how this plays out.

What do you think her tagline will be?


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