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Men can get breast cancer. Yes you read that correctly, anyone with breast tissue can get breast cancer. Matthew Knowles, Beyonce and Solange’s daddy, recently shared that he was diagnosed with breast cancer.

He says it all started with a drop of blood on his shirt. But when his wife told him that she saw blood on the bed sheets he knew something was really wrong. He believes his quick response and catching it early along with his past selling mammography equipment saved his life.

“I’m really blessed” he says. It was caught so early that it was only a 2 mm spot of cancer, so it was removed with a mastectomy.

During the journey he took a blood test that showed he has a brca 2 mutation which puts him at a higher risk of breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma and prostate cancer. So, he’s really taking care of his health from now on by excising, eating better and having checkups every 6 months.

He urges everyone to know their family history and stay on top of their health!


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