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D.L. Hughley recently read an expose in the New York Times about racial bias in banking. It told the story of an NFL player who made $13 million in 9 years and wanted to invest with JP Morgan and wanted to be given top status; because he earned it. But he was denied that status because he was Black. Hughley says that racial bias and racism “has always been there.” We see it when a home is worth less simply because a Black family lives there. He says that reverse racism doesn’t exist. For that to be a thing we would have to reverse the system that affects the way we are treated…and that has never happened. The most racist word in America right now is “no,” he says. It’s telling people they can’t have the medical care they need, can’t live in certain neighborhoods, can’t work certain jobs and can’t “live their best lives,” because they are Brown. That’s the strongest form of racism.


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