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A Memphis mom with eleven children is refuting claims that she’s scamming the Internet out of thousands. Hearts broke this week when Jessica Sumlin’s story went viral. Sumlin, a Memphis mom of 11, was asking for donations after losing her 12-year job at Taco Bell just days before Christmas.

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Her story was covered on various news outlets who detailed her struggles including an impending eviction.

“I’m just doing what I can for me and my kids, but right now my bills have overwhelmed me,” she said. “Right now, I’m in a bad situation because my lights,” she said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they go off now, because my light bill is due today the cut-off notice due today. My rent man constantly calling and texting me saying that I’m past due I rent.”

Following that, however, people expressed doubts about the validity of her story. They cited a GoFundMe Jessica created as proof of her “lies.” According to Internet sleuths, Jessica only has two children and allegedly created a GoFundMe in June because her boyfriend, who allegedly has nine children, asked her to.

Jessica, however, says that’s all untrue.

Fox 13 Memphis did a followup story on Jessica and she’s refuting all allegations that she lied. She even produced a W2 for Taco Bell as a receipt to prove she really worked there.

“A lot of people got a lot of negative things to say but where was people when I was in the dark when me and my kids was walking back to appointments when I was in school,” she said. Sumlin showed FOX13 pay stubs from her seasonal job from November and December of last year verifying she did work.

The mother was also accused of lying about working for Taco Bell, others said she was fired from the fast food restaurant.

She said she worked there for 12 years and left because of a high risk pregnancy.

FOX13 reached out to the fast-food chain. They told us they could not comment about whether or not she worked there. However, Sumlin showed FOX13 a W2 form from Taco Bell from 2016.”

That’s not all, however, Fox 13 produced proof that Jessica really is behind on rent (she owes $1,900) and they dug into her GoFundMe account.

The channel confirmed discrepancies in the story released to the public and what was detailed in the GoFundMe, but the mom had an explanation. According to Jess, she indeed did create a GoFundMe a year ago but “didn’t know how to update it.”

“I didn’t have a PayPal and cash app, I went online and tried to do one, they was telling me that I needed a credit card to even receive the money so a lot of people was like it’s not letting us send you the money so I figured I have an old GoFundMe page because people must had started looking me up because I had seen I had it started at $200 dollars in donations,” she explained.

We hear about GoFundMe scams all the time these days so it makes sense that people are quizzical, but we hope this lady is telling the truth and MOST IMPORTANTLY is getting the help she needs.

You can watch Fox13’s followup on Jessica Sumlin below.

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