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You can’t blame a man for responding when he’s called out publicly!

D.L. Hughley felt his side needed to be heard after being one of the many, many people mentioned by Mo’Nique in her now-viral interview on Club Shay-Shay.

Spanning just under three hours in length and very reminiscent to the viral tirade let off before her on the same platform by Katt Williams, the part of Mo’Nique’s conversation with Shannon Sharpe that particularly pissed of D.L. was when she made the claim that, on this very show, she was disrespected during an un-aired segment of “Would You Rather?”



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We can’t speak for the head honcho, and thankfully he let it all off on his very own via Instagram. In a very quick response, D.L. recorded a short clip of himself explaining just why, in his words, she’s nothing but “a liar.” While we wouldn’t want a veteran King Of Comedy to be at odds with a fellow veteran Queen Of Comedy, especially during Black History Month, at this point all we can do is sit back and let everything play out.

Take a look at D.L.’s scathing response below, which was followed up by an equally cutthroat caption:

“The reason LIES and FALSE NARRATIVES continue to go on and circulate is because they go unchecked. What you’re not gonna do is call me out my name and not get checked… MONIQUE IS A LIAR!

She is constantly throwing the rock and hiding the hand. You don’t get to tear people down and then soften the blow by calling them “brotha… sista… sweet baby”. That’s NOT love, far from it. I’m sure Ike thought he “LOVED” Tina too! Apologize?? I will NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET the way you tried to manipulate my daughter’s trauma to fit your sick narrative. I don’t play when it comes to mine because “I LOVE MY FAMILY FOR REAL” AND THEY ACTUALLY LOVE ME BACK!! #TeamDL”



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