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Much thanks to all the #Lovers who checked in with LRNB Radio this week. Tonight is our final night of the week together and we’re ready to help get you right before the weekend. If you or someone you know has a scenario you’d like to hear discussed, send us an inbox message with the details and we’ll get you some free advice from our experienced listeners. Darlene wants you to call 844-258-8762 with your advice on her #OHSOREALScenario:

After 12 years of marriage, Darlene recently found out her husband has a side piece. While she had a feeling something was wrong because he started coming home late, she has yet to approach her man about what she knows. Darlene recently heard Toni Braxton tell her sisters they should never approach their husband about a side-piece, unless you are ready to leave him because he will not have to respect you going forward. Darlene knows she’s not willing to break up her family and she’s asking; is there any truth to what Toni Braxton told her sisters?


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