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The Queens Recognize Queens campaign honors the hustle, confidence and independent spirit of businesswomen in Texas. This inaugural initiative powered by Urban One Digital, featured an interactive promotion utilizing both on-air support and social media as well as a VIP suite experience at the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour.

Jessica Vittorio

Source: Bri Crow 

Jessica Vittorio is the Managing Attorney of The Law Office of Jessica Vittorio.

Jessica’s practice is based in Dallas, TX and focuses on providing startups and business owners with the insight and experience they need to properly grow their business. Jessica has advised on more than $150 million in transactions over the past several years, and her clients span the globe. Jessica is active in the startup and entrepreneurial community, and regularly speaks on business law throughout the United States. She is a strong believer in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to empower individuals and lift communities.

Outside of her normal practice, Jessica has worked as Cofounder of a legal technology platform, and is an Adjunct Professor of Business Law. She has a deep sense of community service, and as such she serves as pro bono counsel to a number of charitable organizations. Most recently, she served on a pro bono delegation of the American Bar Association that traveled to the South Texas border to provide counsel to detained immigrants seeking political asylum. Jessica shared her life changing experiences on that trip in a Tedx talk that aired in January of 2020.

Prior to opening the firm, Jessica attended Southwestern University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science before attending Baylor Law School for her Juris Doctorate. Upon graduating law school, Jessica served as Chief Legislative Counsel for a Member of the United States House of Representatives in Washington D.C. where she oversaw legal affairs for the office, as well as policy areas involving immigration, small businesses, technology and innovation, and disaster relief. During her time with Congress, Jessica drafted multiple pieces of legislation which made it to the floor of the House of Representatives several of which were eventually signed into law. She left Congress in 2015 to open her firm, but frequently guest writes for various news publications on topics pertaining to law and politics.

Jessica Vittorio

Source: Jessica Vittorio/ TEDxFrisco


Besides Oprah, name another Queen who inspires you personally and/or professionally? I love strong women; women that break the mold, that depart from the status quo, that challenge the institution and are vocal about their opinions. There’s a long list of Queens that inspire me, both locally and on a larger social scale. Tracee Ellis Ross is a big inspiration to me – I love her unique mix of boldness and vulnerability.

What long-term impact would you like your business to ultimately have? What is your big vision?I want to help empower communities through entrepreneurship. I believe that our communities are stronger when we are self sufficient, and when we create opportunity for ourselves. I want to bring the power of innovation and the power of entrepreneurship to women, minority founders, and others who have been historically ignored or excluded from the narrative of entrepreneurship. My goal is to be a resource to build those business owners up so that not only can they be successful entrepreneurs, but so that they can be informed and educated entrepreneurs. Legal insight and guidance should not be a tool utilized and accessible only to the wealthy. I believe all entrepreneurs should have access to legal counsel that can help them build sustainable businesses to carry themselves and their legacy into the future.

What can we as the community do to support that vision? As with most community support it’s about bringing your gifts to the table to create an infrastructure of resources. Volunteering at clinics and community gatherings, doing free community presentations on topics that you’re an expert in, and supporting local business owners through our purchases and spending habits are all important things we can do as a community to build up our local business owners.

What’s next for your business? I try to keep my vision for my business flexible – I like to leave room for the universe to work it’s magic and guide my next steps. For me, I try to define and keep at the top of my mind my values and ethical priorities as a business owner and then through following those hopefully the bigger path and next steps will appear naturally.

Favorite book or inspirational quote? “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be, and embracing who we are.” – Brene Brown

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