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The Queens Recognize Queens campaign honors the hustle, confidence and independent spirit of businesswomen in Texas. This inaugural initiative powered by Urban One Digital, featured an interactive promotion utilizing both on-air support and social media as well as a VIP suite experience at the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour.

Pat Bailey

Source: Pat Bailey

She Ages Well©, a community outreach initiative plus She Ages Well® personal care products and Advance Comfort® are the compassionate creations of Patricia Bailey, whose love of her mother with Alzheimer’s and craving to find some comfort for her led to their founding.

With the love that only a daughter has for her mother, Pat, who agonized over how to age well and provide Advance Comfort® believes, “If We Are Accountable To Each Other; For Persons Spanning; From the Cradle to Grace, “The Same Village It Took to Raise The Child Is Going To Be Required to Care For The Adult As They Age.”

Ms. Bailey’s ascension to this loving, soothing business endeavor caps a 40+ year career in the Black health and beauty care industry, serving as a marketing and sales consultant along with senior-level capacities as Vice President of Customer Marketing (Sales) and Vice President of Marketing for Pro-line Int’l. Known as a wealth builder and lifetime entrepreneur, at 25, Pat owned four beauty supply stores, two salons and a distributorship in Chicago.

Across her career, she helped develop, manage, market and sell across the retail footprint of the US over 16 different personal care brand portfolios, and has helped develop strategic plans for ministries plus craft diversity/inclusion programs for retailers. Her clients have included small businesses along with the Fortune 100 (ORS, McDonald’s, Walgreens, The Potter’s House of Dallas, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Murrays Worldwide, Inc. and Proline Int’l).

While her mother descended into the recesses of that place where Alzheimer’s patients succumb, Pat struggled to create a connection. Rather than surrender to her grief, Pat used her marketing mind to create comfort – Advance Comfort®, where she utilizes her intuitive small business problem-solving disciplines to bring caregivers skincare products and services specifically for the senior care market.

The services provided include She Ages Well© community outreach, a credible online resource portal for caregivers with an emphasis on the health disparity group, African Americans. Now as a caregiver advocate, her NEW personal care product line, She Ages Well®, is designed to help ALL caregivers resolve any of their own damaging, aging, skincare conditions.

Originally from Chicago and now residing in Arlington, Texas, Pat is a mother of one son and known as GiGi to her granddaughter and grandson. Outside of her work with ministries, Pat also loves studying biblical history, playing golf, listening to old school music, and reading books.


Besides Oprah, name another Queen who inspires you personally and/or professionally? As a Christian, I recognize the number three as completion and celebrate three women who I treasure:

  • My mother Mary for her sense of fashion, style and grace as my first known caregiver
  • Maya Angelou for her gift of prose and the loving view of humankind’s possibilities
  • Denise Gardner, formally of Soft Sheen Products, Inc., who taught me how to embrace my talents and help build up others to achieve their purpose and plan

What long-term impact would you like your business to ultimately have? What is your big vision?She Ages Well’s mission is to provide beautiful skin forever solutions for women over the age of 45. We are positioned as a global personal care products brand. We envision a world where her inner and outer beauty remains ageless for generations to come.

What can we as the community do to support that vision? As a company, we practice First Fruits. When you purchase She Ages Well® ten cents of every dollar spent goes toward Care-giving and caregiver family members. To purchase, visit the CVS stores at 5050 S. Lancaster, Dallas TX or 1225 N. Blue Grove Rd, Lancaster TX, or go online to


She Ages Well

Source: She Ages Well

What’s next for She Ages Well?

  • Coming Father’s Day: He Ages Wellskincare solutions for men
  • Curated, caring inspirational books of love.
  • Cooking Up Some Care – My Homestyle Sweet Recipes & Tips on Caregiving for Families
  • She Ages Well Self-Care Inspirational Journal

Favorite book or inspirational quote?

  • Quote: “Do you see me the way you saw me or do you see me the way I AM?” She Ages Well© Self Care Inspirational Journal. Unleash your God potential and illuminate for others the purpose and plan the almighty has for your life.
  • Quote: “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” -Proverbs 31:25 (NLT Bible)
  • Book: Soar by T.D. Jakes
  • Book: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of A Leader by John Maxwell
She Ages Well

Source: She Ages Well

Skin Care Enthusiasts:


WHILE QUANTITIES LAST: RECEIVE FREE A She Ages Well® On The Go Hand & Face Cleanser with any purchase of the She Ages Well®, skincare product sold at CVS stores: 5050 S. Lancaster, Dallas TX or 1225 N. Blue Grove Rd, Lancaster TX, or go online at She Ages Well® will send you FREE, She Ages Well® On The Go Hand & Face Cleanser With Cosmetic Bag direct to you and another will ship to a homeless shelter in DFW. Offer good until April 30th or WHILE QUANTITES LAST. Proof of purchase required. For more information, go to: