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Ohio Democratic Senator Tina Maharath

Source: Ohio Senate / Ohio Senate


Ohio Democratic Senator Tina Maharath broke down in session today while having discussions about racism. This session was being held to further discuss the proposal to declare racism a public health crisis.

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Senator Maharath fears that sending her child back to school will lead to racism due to President Trump continuing to refer to COVID-19 as “kung-flu” or the “Chinese Virus”. Senator Maharath is Ohio’s first Asian American lawmaker and serves the 3rd district.

Senator  Maharath was attending an Ohio Senate Health Committee meeting and listening to guests sharing how racism has impacted their lives. Senator Maharath was taken back by the stories shared saying, “My son is 8 years old, He’s about to go to school and probably have the same thing that happened to you. It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to know that they’re telling us to go back to China. They’re telling us this is a Chinese virus.” Senator  Maharath also shared some of her feelings on Twitter

After her tweet Senator Maharath started to receive many tweets of support.


President Trump continues to stand behind his racist language as he blames China for the COVID-19 pandemic.


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