On the same day Wendy Williams revealed she was being treated at a halfway house for pill and alcohol addiction, photos of Kevin Hunter and his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson were released on The Daily Mail. Kevin reportedly flew Sharina out with him to Florida when he admitted Wendy Williams into a rehab center. According […]

These pics prove there's never been two tighter bros.

These pics prove there's never been two tighter bros.

NeNe Leakes hasn’t been the same since her husband Gregg Leakes was diagnosed with cancer. While the ‘RHOA’ star is understandably struggling with her emotions and situation, she’s made it clear she and Gregg’s relationship was strained. On last night’s episode of the beloved Bravo series, NeNe revealed she and Gregg were sleeping in separate […]

Jess Hilarious may be funny but her recent “joke” fell flat and left her looking foolish. In case you missed it, the Rel actress was on a flight when four Sikh man walked on the plane, leading her to record a video describing how afraid she was. Then proceeded to curse out her fans for […] In the celebrity world, it’s more bizarre to have a classic tattoo than it is to have an abnormal, extraordinary one. Take Uzi’s new face tatt for example. Check out these other celebs and their crazy and cool tattoos in the gallery below.

Hundreds of New Yorkers made their way to VYNL to celebrate bourbon brand, I.W. Harper’s “Harper House”. I.W. Harper is a refined bourbon, with a rich cultural history, from inspiring a clothing line to cruising around the world as an ocean liner staple in the 1950s. The event started with a panel discussion hosted by […]