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Special guest Da Brat gets undressed with the crew and talks about her new show, Brat Loves Judy. Since coming out last year, there have been so many updates in her life...including an engagement. She gets raw and unfiltered as we get the behind-the-scenes of the show and life!

Black America Web was able to get an exclusive sit-down with talented Detroit native Liv Heavenly as she prepares for new music and even bigger heights in her R&B career.

Eva & Lore'l undress mental health issues that have come into the spotlight recently with Lizzo and Lil Wayne.

  We have a lot to undress this week. It seems like it’s celebrity breakup season and the list keeps growing. Plus, when is it okay for a parent to stop taking care of you? The duo will address all of that, including the growing number of celebrities admitting to not showering regularly 😒. We’ll wrap […]

The duo is back this week to talk about all things pop culture. Simone Biles and DaBaby supporters and critics speak out, while the hosts undress whether the people really care about Alphonso Ribeiro's interracial relationship. Plus, find out the do's and don'ts of traveling during COVID, and don't get caught up! 

This week, we're talking about who the internet wants to cancel including Da Baby, TI, and Kevin Samuels.

This week, the ladies are talking Britney Spears' social media outbursts and their thoughts on her conservatorship. Also, we'll be undressing 'Blackfishing', what it means, and who the biggest offenders are. Plus, have you noticed a ton of engagement announcements recently? Maybe a proposal is coming soon for you or a friend.

This week we're talking about celebrity exes and brewing relationships. Will Khloe and Lamar get back together? Who is Drake's new boo? Plus, the ladies share some of their most epic dates where the guys went all out  ​👀.   

Have you been submarined or breadcrumbed? The ladies undress some of the newer dating terms taking over and discuss which "dating crime" they have committed.  Plus, we're taking trips! Find out what not to use in hotel rooms. You NEED to hear this!

This was a busy week in Black culture. As Black Music Month wraps out, the ladies recap the BET Awards excellence and the Verzuz showdown with Bow Wow & Soulja Boy.  Plus. they undress some celebrities speaking out and some of the backlash they received.