Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: If you’re not watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, you missed French figure skater, Maé-Bérénice Méité routine to a medley of Beyonce’s music. Skating to “Run the World (Girls)” and “Halo”, this is the first time the Olympics let skaters pick music featuring lyrics.  Maé-Bérénice admits her song choice is “a […]

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: Today would have been the 44th birthday of fighter Kimbo Slice. The father of 6 passed away in 2016 after a meteoric but short career that saw him go from backyard brawler – to headlining the very first MMA event ever on network television. As hard as his hands were, […]

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: The drought is over. The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Superbowl, and first championship since 1960, after their 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday Night. In a classic game that featured the most yards recorded in any NFL game EVER. In the end, the Eagles outlasted a […]

Alright, so now that Super Bowl LII is over, let’s relive the moment a little. Take 2 seconds to tell us about your Super Bowl experience in the surveys below: Who did you bet was going to win the Super Bowl?   What was your favorite Super Bowl ad? -Farlin Ave (@farlinave) Source: CBS Sports

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: Two former friends who fell out almost 30 years ago have reunited, and buried the hatchet. Last night on NBATV, Zeke and Ervin shared an emotional reunion full of tears, memories, and apologies. Check out this beautiful clip below …  

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: Happy 50th birthday to former Dallas Cowboys quarterback – Troy Aikman. The 3 time super bowl champion was born on Novermber 21st, 1967, in West Covina, CA. You can catch him now on Sundays as one of the best analysts on TV during FOX NFL broadcasts.  

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: Happy birthday to former SUPER BOWL QUARTERBACK Colin Kaepernick. The PRO QUARTERBACK turns just 30 years old today. I heard the Houston Texans might need a QUARTERBACK. Just sayin. Kaep was born in Milwaukee on November 3rd, 1987.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: On Monday night, Ezekiel Elliott’s 6 game suspension was reinstated in relation to domestic violence accusations. As of now, he’s scheduled to return on Dec 17 to play against the Oakland Raiders–unless his legal team has another trick up their sleeves. -Farlin Ave Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: The Golden State Warriors have confirmed that they will not visit the White House. The team released the following statement Saturday afternoon. Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Friday that the team had “had discussions” with the White House, and that it would make a decision after meeting as an organization. “We […]