The D.L. Hughley Show July 2019 was hot! It has been confirmed by experts that July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded. 9 our of the 10 hottest July’s have happened since 2005 and the last 5 have happened in the last 5 years. Every year it’s getting hotter and hotter, which is dangerous. D.L. says this […] Think back to when you were a child….weren’t things much simpler? Do you remember all of the crazy things you did back then? Well the movie Oleebo reviews this week is all about crazy kids, it’s called “Good Boys,” but it’s not for kids. “Good Boys” is rated R. It’s about three seventh graders […] A new rule introduced by the federal department of labor would allow contractors who “exercise religion” to be exempt from accusations of bias in their hiring practices. The rule is supposedly intended to help non profit religious exercising organizations, and companies with religious beliefs, make decisions that align with their religious beliefs. D.L. says […] Ladies, if you’re on any type of birth control you have to keep up with it and make sure you’re following instructions. If not…you could end up pregnant. But, sometimes even if you do everything the way you’re supposed to the birth control still fails. Being on antibiotics can cause your birth control to […] Breakups can be super hard. Not only are you ending a relationship but it’s probably changing a lot of other things in your life. There are some things that you may miss about them. You might miss your ex’s mom, their friends, their pets, or the way they smell. Do you miss anything about […] A new Illinois law requires insurance companies to cover the cost of Epi-pens for kids. The bill would require companies to cover all costs associated with the epi-pens for anyone under the age of 18. Illinois is ther first state to pass such a law and it goes into effect on January 1 2020. If you are alive…odds are you hate being asked certain questions. It seems like no matter who you are or where you live, someone asks you one of these questions at some point. “When are you going back to church,” or, “do you miss me,” and especially “when are you going to start taking […] According to researchers our brains become stiffer with old age. According to reports the brain tissue of rats became less flexible over time. This caused the fatty substance that surrounds nerves to regenerate. This causes difficulty sending messages to different parts of the body, causing issues like poor mobility and blurred vision. As a parent, you want to always do whats best for your child(ren). There’s a list of some things you should never say to your kids. Never tell your children to hurry up, the list suggests creating a situation so that your kids don’t have to rush. You should never say “clean your room […] Starting next year Illinois public schools will be required to include LGBTQ history into their curriculum. Students must study the contributions or Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and transgender people, have made to society. The same thing is reportedly happening with Black history and other ethnicity’s. D.L. believes the LGBTQ history lesson will be short because […]