The D.L. Hughley Show A freshman senator has proposed a bill that would make addictive social media features illegal. This has been called a move against big tech companies. If you’re on social media you know that you can get lost just scrolling down your news feed for hours if you’re not careful. This new bill will require […] Are you getting the vibe that your man isn’t feeling sexy time? Well there are some reasons your man doesn’t want to make love. If your man “struggled” last time he may not be feeling it. If you cried earlier, or just had a pregnancy scare…those aren’t exactly sexy things. If you’re into beauty, odds are you love being on top of all of the latest trends. According to top cosmetic practitioners, the next beauty trend is bone shaving. This can be used to alter the jaw line, chin or nose. It can also be used for non cosmetic things like to alleviate arthritis […] For many of us our introduction to Karrueche was knowing her as Chris Brown’s girlfriend. She talks to the D.L. Hughley Show crew about how living her life so publicly affected her. At the time of her relationship with singer Chris Brown Karrueche was in her early 20s and says she was still trying […] This week’s review is on the Fast & Furious spin off Hobbs & Shaw. Oleebo believes the film should have been called, “Deja Vu I Hate You Venn Diesel.” In the movie The Rock is fighting Idris Elba to save the future of earth. Oleebo says “you will love this movie if you put […]

Newly released federal reports show that in 2012 enough drugs shipped into America for every adult and child to have a consistent 20 day supply. Though the amount of opioids shipped into the U.S has declined the potency has gone up and doctors have been prescribing stronger medications. A town in West Virginia where at […]

Some gender stereotypes are super annoying but there are some that actually work in women’s favor. Having cheaper car insurance, getting a cab because your feet hurt from your heels, having men lift things for you, and liking chick-flicks all work out pretty well for women. What are some that aren’t so bad to you? […]

D.L. believes that people who support trump have a lower standard of morality than those who worship Satan. As dramatic as it sounds, that’s truly what he believes. The satanic temple has 7 principals including acting with compassion and empathy toward all,  respecting the freedom of others, and working to right any wrongs. D.L. can’t […]

Some things about men just drive women absolutely crazy….in a good way! Big muscles, being a good listener and being able to make a decision, all drive women crazy. But, not all men have these  attractive qualities, listen to the audio above and see how many of these apply to you.

The movie Oleebo reviews this week reminds him of himself. He says because he came to America as a little boy with a dream and he made those dreams into a reality, he can relate to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It’s about two actors trying to revive their careers.