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Kounty Line is showing love to the thick ladies in his song “Big Thang 4 Big Girls.” Check out this video to see why some people are saying this line dance song for the big girls is going to be the next sensation!  

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Last week, a video from WorldStarHipHop went viral and it got Steve Wilson’s attention, and not in a good way! The video of the vicious attack has been viewed nearly 12 million times and memes ridiculing the incident have sprouted up all over social media. If you missed the story, a 17-year-old Texas teen, known […]

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A 19-year-0ld young woman, Ranisha McBride, was shot to death seeking help after surviving  a car accident late at night. This is the second incident reported where a young person looking for help was shot and killed. Are we that afraid that people can survive car accidents and not their neighbors? Listen to the audio […]

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“Free Lil’ Boosie” t-shirts, yeah white people will never know what that’s all about. Listen to the audio player to hear the “The D.L. Hughley Show“ list the top 10 things white people will never understand about Black people! Part I: Part II: RELATED: #TheDLQ: Is It Racist If Black People Dressed Like White People For […]