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Follow The Beat On Twitter: Fake license plates are booming in Texas as a man gets billed over $2,000 in tolls that weren’t his. Someone copied his agent temp tag and made hundreds of copies, leading to his name being linked to over 200 cars. At the moment, NTTA doesn’t have a system to catch […]

The creator of the iconic show is letting studios know the script is ready and only needs funding.

The court order doubles the amount of money Williams will have to fork over to his ex-wife to care for their two children.

The movie follows LAPD officers haunted by the ghost of a boy killed at the hand of police.

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On Tuesday evening, an unarmed teenage boy named Antwon Rose was shot three times in the back and killed by police in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. People in the neighborhood saw it. One woman filmed the encounter and posted it on Facebook. Antwon and the police didn’t have an altercation. They weren’t fighting over a gun. […]

Stevie Wonder, born Steveland Hardaway Morris, was born to be a star. At an early age, he learned to sing and play many instruments like the piano, harmonica drums. At 11, Stevie was discovered by a member of Motown Records’ The Miracles. That discovery later led to an audition with Motown founder, Barry Gordy. Gordy signed the […]