Chief of Staff John Kelly met with Black Republicans and told them that the administration seeks to hire talented people.

12/20/17- With Omarosa Manigault out of the picture Ben Carson is the only Black person left. Huggy wants to know if Carson will make it Black History month to go with Trump to all the Black festivities. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: Two former friends who fell out almost 30 years ago have reunited, and buried the hatchet. Last night on NBATV, Zeke and Ervin shared an emotional reunion full of tears, memories, and apologies. Check out this beautiful clip below …  

12/20/17- In today’s Holiday Minute Chris Paul goes in on Donald Trump by calling him just about every name he can think of. A monster, orange Kim Jong Un, moron, are just some of the names he calls Trump. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Where can you get Jay-Z, DMX and Snoop Dogg in one place? You can get them in comedian Aries Spears when he performs at the Center Stage in Atlanta for a New Year’s Eve show. And he’s positive that all his personalities and impersonations will be there. “When I smoke enough weed, trust me they […]

Brianna Brochu, the former University of Hartford student who is accused of smearing body fluids on her Black ex-roommate's personal items, has escaped hate crime charges.

Rev. Al Sharpton expresses just how important votes are by highlighting the Virgina house recount. “We have been saying over and over again how every vote counts and nothing represent that more in the recount vote in the Virginia House of Delegates,” explained Sharpton. The recount found that democrat Shelly Simmonds won over Republican David […]

Doug Jones has been elected as the democratic Senator-elect in Alabama after a close and drama filled race. Even after winning, Roy Moore refuses to concede but Jones continues to look toward the future. Roland Martin talks with Jones about the election and the future. It’s no secret that African-Americans came out to vote and were responsible for […]

Here are some beauties who are killing the plus size model game.


Suburbicon, a Hollywood film starring Matt Damon and directed by George Clooney, was partly inspired by real life events of the late ’50’s. William and Daisy Myers, a Black couple, moved to the all-white town of Levittown, Pennsylvania in August 1957 and endured months of harassment and racism before the state moved in to protect […]