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Let’s not act like Childish Gambino hasn’t always been a snack, low key. Even in his goofy days on Community, the potential was still there.  But we gotta admit, Glover has come a long way since his early days on Youtube. Now he’s a Grammy nominated, Emmy winner, and damn near a cultural icon.

Some even say that the multitalented artist resembles Black Jesus himself.


Skin like copper? Check. Hair like wool? Check.


Ladies went from laughing at him, to loving on him. Just ask tweeter @Vic:

“breh. I’m gay but Donald Glover fine as hell”

Check out the holy gallery below of all the times Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino looked like Black Jesus.

10 Holy Photos Of Donald Glover Looking Like A Fine Black Jesus  was originally published on

1. My god.

My god. Source:Getty

2. King.

King. Source:Getty

3. Young legend.

Young legend. Source:Getty

4. Stay woke.

Stay woke. Source:Getty

5. Damn.

Damn. Source:Getty

6. Fly.


7. Glorious.


8. Whew.


9. Hey, Donald.

Hey, Donald. Source:Getty

10. Behold.

Behold. Source:Getty