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If you’re looking for a new podcast to keep you laughing, up to date on the latest news, and informed about world issues, here are five podcasts you’ll want to follow today.

From thought-provoking discussions with award-winning singer LaTocha Scott to confronting willful ignorance with Amanda Seales, The Urban One Podcast Network is a powerhouse of Black storytelling and premium content from over 10 original shows and exclusive partnerships with other Black-owned podcasts and networks.

Here’s what you missed this week on the Urban One Podcast Network

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1. Small Doses: The Side Effects of Willful Ignorance

In her latest episode of the Small Doses Podcast, Amanda Seales tackles the concept of “Willful Ignorance,” which she defines as the supportive best friend to transphobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, and all the isms that affect people around the world. Seales dives into the disappointing reality that even in 2023, people are choosing to remain ignorance instead of learning from the abundance of information accessible to anyone with Wi-Fi and an internet-enabled device.

The truth-telling comedian unpacks the act of consciously denying the truth and its impact on family, relationships, and politics.

Listen to the Side Effects of Willful Ignorance with Amanda Seales on the Small Doses Podcasts below, on your favorite podcast player, or visit to learn more.

2. Black Health 365: Living with Lipedema – One Woman’s Battle and Story

Join the Black Health 365 podcast for a compelling episode featuring guest Angelique Charles, also known as The Lippy Butterfly. At the age of 32, Charles lost her mobility due to Lipedema, a chronic illness believed to affect 11% of adult women around the world. Charles, also known as The Lippy Butterlfy, is on a journey to regaining her mobility and joined hosts Jackie Paige and Britt Daniels to share her personal experience with this rare condition.

In this insightful conversation with hosts Jackie Paige and Britt Daniels, Angelique shares her personal journey toward regaining mobility while living with this rare condition.

Beyond her own experiences, Angelique sheds light on the significant number of women who may be suffering from Lipedema without even realizing it. Many individuals seeking medical advice are often advised to exercise and diet more, without receiving the necessary tests for a proper diagnosis.

Discover more about this lesser-known condition and the story behind Angelique’s resilience in the full episode, “Living with Lipedema – One Woman’s Battle and Story,” available on the Black Health 365 podcast.

Listen on your favorite podcast player or visit to learn more.

3. I Hate The Homies: “GRIFF” checks Supa Dave | wife steals from husband | don’t go to Dubai w/ an attitude!!!

This episode of I Hate The Homies kicks off with a debate about LeBron James and whether his recent announcement about not retiring was significant or just LeBron “feeding his ego” as SupaDave suggests.

The hosts move on to talk about Tierra Allen, the woman who is being detained in Dubai for “Screaming in Public”, a wife who hid $22K from her husband, and Olympian Lolo Jones claiming that being a virgin messed up her love life.

Lastly, the hosts review Barry Bonds pleading his case and whether or not his perspective is accurate.

Listen on your favorite podcast player or visit to learn more.

4. Is The Mic Still On: Are We Ready for Self Driving Cars?

The Dead End Media crew share the latest technology and companies that have invested in self-driving cars. As they dive into this innovative automotive technology. As they explore the advancements and possibilities of self-driving cars, the hosts ask an important question, are we ready for Self Driving cars?

Listen to the “Is The Mic Still On” Podcast hosted by Dead End Media’s podcast team.

Listen on your favorite podcast player or visit to learn more.

5. Listen To Black Women: The Podcast: Family Business

How does award winning singer, LaTocha Scott, and reality star, Momma Dee keep from being affected by social media and outside influences?

In this week’s episode of Listen to Black Women: The Podcast, Lore’l chats with these amazing women! The ladies speak about how it is working with family in the industry, as Momma Dee once managed her hit-making rapper son, Lil Scrappy, and LaTocha, currently managed by her husband, and the transition each is going to gospel music and a sobriety lifestyle.

Listen on your favorite podcast player or visit to learn more.