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"The Real Blac Chyna" Atlanta Premiere

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Since Blac Chyna arrived on the scene, then, a popular stripper with dimple piercings and an a** so big it commanded the attention of Drake and Nicki Minaj, she’s been heavily scrutinized. Her appearance, her behavior, her by-any-means-necessary approach to cashing out.

Her relationships with Tyga and Rob Kardashian made headlines for their respective reasons. And for a moment, she was regarded as a shero. But her failed reality TV show with Rob, a bitter fallout with the Kardashians, followed by a string of opportunistic business ventures (Whitenicious) left her reputation in shambles. As quickly as they built her up, they tore her down. But Chyna, a true hustler, nevertheless persisted. Bringing us to her new reality show, of which she is the executive producer.

The Real Blac Chyna aired on Zeus Network Sunday night, giving us an unabashed glimpse into Chyna’s family life. A viral clip shows the typical day in the life of the started from the bottom entrepreneur and an encounter with her mother Tokyo Toni that left social media debating how a mother can be caustic. We’ve only seen Chyna’s facade, but it’s clear much of her behavior is learned and from a primary source — her mother.

“My issue is you. It’s f*cking you,” Chyna screams after attempting to having a calm conversation with her mother that goes incredulously wrong.

At one point, Tokyo jumps in Chyna’s face demanding to know why she insists on lying on her and saying she wasn’t around and why she had her car was taken away. The situation quickly escalates when Chyna reiterates she didn’t take the car away, that it was still in front of Tokyo’s home. Then it gets really ugly. Tokyo grows enraged and calls Chyna everything under the sun but a woman of God. It’s disturbing and even insists a child should NEVER disrespect their mother even if the mother sells the child’s “p*ssy” (her words, not ours). It’s so crazy it feels unreal but we know otherwise. Tokyo Toni is toxic as f*ck.

It’s clearer than Chyna’s botoxed skin that she never actually had a chance for a normal existence when her mother is two steps away from a psychotic break at every turn. Fns who prejudged Chyna took to Twitter to express their apologies. No one could fathom what her upbringing was like until now.

All of which has led to conversations around how toxic a mother/daughter relationship can be. Keep scrolling to see #BlackTwitter’s take on it.

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