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The repeat offense of athletes that’ve been accused of sexual assault and/or misconduct is a sad reality that occurs far too often. When talking about three-time Super Bowl Champion and NFL Hall of Hamer Michael Irvin, the same sentence can be applied to the career-wide loyal Dallas Cowboys album specifically.

The latest in his growing list of sexual misconduct complaints happened last month at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona just a week before Super Bowl LVII. A female staffer at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel accused Irvin of making a lewd comment to her during a brief interaction on Feb. 5 that only last a few minutes in the very public and populated hotel lobby.

Of the things he’s accused of, which includes an unwanted touch on the arm and comment that he would find her later in her work week, is a claim that he boldly asked her whether or not she knew anything about having a “big Black man inside of [her].”

So far it’s been a case of he said/she said, with Irvin responding to the court filing last Friday issued by Marriott by himself stating, “I don’t speak like that,” also adding, “I’ve never spoken like that. I totally deny saying that. I totally deny saying that.”

Well, now we have newly-released surveillance video from the night in question. Take a look below to make your own assessment:


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Here’s a play-by-play breakdown of what you see in the audio-less video above, via The Dallas Morning News:

“At one point, 2 minutes and 9 seconds into the video, Irvin steps forward shortly with his right foot and touches the female hotel staffer’s left arm while making a comment. She takes a step back, first with her left foot and then right foot. She raises her hands in front of her chest and creates a gesture in which her hands fan apart from each other. Irvin laughs and, while falling away from her, briefly puts his right hand or her right hand or lower right arm — it is difficult to determine which.

The woman slides her right arm away from Irvin and rocks backward, clasping her hands together behind her back. She returns her hands to the front of her chest and repeats the gesture in which she fans her hands apart.

That entire sequence, beginning with Irvin’s short step forward, lasts 11 seconds. It appears to be the moment the woman alleges Irvin made the lewd comment and followed it up by grabbing her hand, saying he was ‘sorry if he brought up bad memories’ for her, according to Marriott’s filing last week. The filing also detailed the woman stepping back following the initial statement.”

It’s worth noting that two other male coworkers are also seen in the video, each interacting to the brief exchange in a way that could be interrupted in two ways: either the conversation is going smoothly or they felt the need to linger over an uncomfortable situation. The fact that Irvin has been accused of sexual misconduct before as previously mentioned doesn’t help his case at all, which includes a 1996 rape allegation alongside Cowboys teammate Erik Williams that was proven to be fabricated, a 2007 sexual assault allegation where charges were never filed and a 2017 sexual assault allegation that was thrown out by the Broward County State Attorney’s Office due to lack of evidence.

Is Michael Irvin really just that unlucky when it comes to sexual assault allegations, or does he simply have a great-yet-deplorable legal team? You be the judge, and see what others are saying about the new surveillance video below:

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1. Was Michael Irvin accused of a crime? What’s going on ??? that video didn’t show shit

via @txjanellybean

2. I’m not saying her allegations are true… who knows, maybe she is lying… but this video is not vindication for Michael Irvin.

via @MikeESPNSA

3. This video now proving a false allegation really infuriates me. Michael Irvin was suspended immediately, it likely caused issues with his wife, harmed his career and reputation. People who make up things to harm others are mentally unwell and just evil. I hope she is fired

via @NaithanJones

4. White woman that lied on Michael Irvin definitely should be held accountable. That video they released doesn’t show anything he was accused of. Cost that man his job. But how many times have we seen this smh

via @mixedbytop

5. so michael irvin did what? glanced back at a women for a moment. well lock me up and every guy thats ever lived. wtf is that video? marriott is going to lose millions to michael and he deserves every cent.

via @Jamiebroman2

6. Hard to tell without the audio. Appears to be a cordial discussion (with a parting handshake), however he does make physical contact with her a couple of times and some people don’t dig that. But based on witness accounts they were just chopping it up.

via @ChrisBrathw8

7. I don’t really see what Michael Irvin’s claim is against Marriott. They have an obligation to their employees and they’re not the ones that suspended him from network duties. Unless the video includes all the audio I don’t see what it will matter.

via @BlaiseInKC

8. This guy is a lying pervert. Same as when he played. Definition of a phony.

via @jjbychko

9. I think Michael Irvin is lying because he has done this many times & been accused by many women. Each time, he claims he is the victim. Publicly gets his fans to shame and threaten the women. Tries to sue them for $100 million. He has a shtick. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

via @lauras_living

10. Michael Irvin’s accuser needs jail time. Women have it hard enough without bimbos like this lying on innocent people.

via @MzFightDiva40