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Source: George Pimentel / Getty

Before tipoff, NBA athletes go all out to show off their style by showcasing some interesting fits * coughs* Russell Westbrook. There is no question when it comes to showcasing their taste in fashion; there are only a handful of players in the league who get it right. One player in particular who nails it pretty much all of the time is none other than Toronto Raptors forward Serge Ibaka.

Serge became the topic of discussion on the internet when a clip from Uninterrupted’s AVEC CLASSE  featuring himself and fellow Raptors’ teammate OG Anunoby going back and forth about fashion. Anunoby, a third-year player in the league, tried to come for Ibaka’s crown as the leagues’ fashion king, but the 30-year-old veteran was not trying to hear it. OG made one last-ditch effort to make his case by bringing up scarves and how he put Ibaka onto some eye-catching neckwear, which led to the two of them having #scarfoff before a Wednesday night (Feb.5) game against the Indiana Pacers.

Of course, Ibaka shut him down in that department as well. We would expect nothing less from a man who says I don’t dress, OG. I do art, bro!”

We are going to assume that OG was trolling when he decided to challenge Serge but make no mistake; he stood no chance against baller who could literally be a fashion model if he wanted to be. Anunoby had to look no further than Ibaka’s Instagram to see the many times came through with the drip.

It’s not even a competition as far as we are concerned, Serge just knows how to put a fit together. Some stylists and players can definitely take notes. You can peep all the times Serge Ibaka shut down the NBA’s runway, the tunnel sidelines in the gallery below.

Photo: George Pimentel / Getty

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1. Sporty Chic

2. Serge’s murse game is even on point.

3. Suit game on point.

4. What about scarves?

5. Even when he’s lowkey he’s still on point.

6. Gotta look good on the sideline.

7. Simple, but still fly.

8. Can’t go wrong with the turtleneck and blazer combo.

9. Look OG another scarf

10. Even when he’s rocking a boot.