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Street Style - Berlin - August, 2023

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Are you ready for the upcoming trends from New York Fashion Week (NYFW) street style?

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a fashion lover’s dream. For three to 10 days, depending on which schedule you follow, there is a marathon of runway shows, presentations, lavish receptions, and parties in one of the busiest, most diverse cities in the world.

Non-stop fashion is the forever category during this time. And when attending, you never know what you will see from designers or where you might see it. This season’s spring and summer 2024 will officially began on September 7.

Bibhu Mohapatra - Front Row - February 2018 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

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Trends and style choices from attendees are just as fabulous – and unexpected – as the official shows themselves. Many NYFW attendees plan their attire six months in advance, scouring online shops and brick-and-mortar stores, watching runways for inspiration, and checking in with stylists and insiders for hard-to-find pieces.

Put differently, over the next week, the city streets will transform into runways – even more than they already are. And we know the girlies will bring it. Like everything Black women touch, not only do we own street style, but we define it.

From the hottest trends of seasons before to designer collection pieces and handmade items, we can’t wait to see what jaw-dropping, dope looks attendees will wear this season.

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As we thank the fashion gawds for the return of the fashion season and scan our closets for outfits, we’ve compiled a list of “Haute” trends for street style this season. Scroll to see what we think will make camera shutters flash, onlookers say “YESSSS,” and social media fans grab screenshots.

Here are some of the top trends we expect to see – and take pictures of – at NYFW.

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1. Monochromatic Denim

Monochromatic Denim Source:Getty

Monochromatic denim, also known as the “Canadian tuxedo,” is now having a revolutionary moment. And we’re still determining when it is leaving. If ever.

There are several reasons for our current love affair with basically living in our jeans. Denim-on-denim looks can be easily dressed up or dressed down. The style can also be pulled off with high-end designer choices or vintage items from our mother’s and grandmother’s closets.

Added to the style and trend of denim is its function. The fabric is comfortable, breathable, and soft. Denim on denim is an optimal NYFW choice.

2. Luscious Leather

Luscious Leather Source:Getty

Leather is a revolving trend that we see come and go from year to year and season to season. And Fall 2023 is an example of this. Whether real, vegan, faux, or recycled, leather is having a moment right now, and there are many fun ways to wear it.

While temperatures are expected to remain unseasonably warm this fashion week, we believe we will still see peeks of the leather trend here and there. NYFW goers may opt to wear it over outfits in the form of bombers or blazers to top off a look. Or, they may don the trend in their skirts, pants, or dress choices.

Bright-colored leather is always a fun choice during fashion week. We’d love to see an orange leather suit, purple pleated skirt, or emerald green leather vest.

3. Belts – And Bold, Kind Of Unnecessary Accessories

Belts - And Bold, Kind Of Unnecessary Accessories Source:Getty


90s fashion still has us all in a chokehold, as do the unnecessary belts, accessories, and details from that era. So, we expect to see this trend manifest in New York streets over the next week.

Fashionistas tend to wear this trend as the final touch of an outfit. Think adding a belt to a long-column dress to distinguish your waist line, or stacking necklaces, bracelets, or rings. The more layered, the more this look pops.

We expect to see versions of this with blazers and trench coats, baggy jeans and sheer pants, or with hooded, slinky dresses.

4. Hooded Haute Hotties

Hooded Haute Hotties Source:Getty

Hooded dresses have been that girl since Lori Harvey donned them on carpets in 2022. And that girl has never left.

The hooded dress look is mysterious, slinky, sexy, and sophisticated. And, when paired with long gloves, dark sunnies, or a funky belt, the look gives everything and takes our breath away.

We are expecting to see NYFW-goes amplify this look times 10. Tens across the board! And seen in sheer fabrics, dark jersey knits that hug the body, and bright colored versions.

5. Barbie-Core Babes

Barbie-Core Babes Source:Getty

Nicki Minaj has us singing we are “Barbie Girls in a Barbie World” and rocking all shades of pink. We’ve been doing it since July – and will probably do it throughout the fall.

We expect fashion week attendees to appear as “haute” versions of Barbie and Ken. Platform shoes are an easy way to pull off the look. Barbie logo tops, dresses, and coordinates are other popular options. And luscious pink purses, socks, blazers, and leather trenches are predicted to be other fav choices.