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Someone on the Twitterverse brought up a good point about Kenya, Marc is basically rude to her the way she’s rude to everyone else. Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was a trip, once again, because Kenya and Marc’s chemistry is just so incredibly awkward. It’s mostly Marc antagonizing and belittling Kenya while she sits there sheepishly. It’s the weirdest, most painful thing to watch because Kenya is usually so passive aggressive with the other women.

She had the nerve, on tonight’s episode, to blurt to Cynthia that her man was going to propose —something Kandi told her confidentiality. It was a bitter thing to do, but when you see how Marc treats Kenya, you understand why she’s so insufferable at times. She prefers to take it out on the other women instead of Marc, where it should be directed.

Interestingly enough, Kenya said she’s passive with Marc because she doesn’t like to fight.

Speaking of Marc and Kenya’s relationship, Kenya thought it would be a good idea to set up a triple date with Cynthia and Mike, Kandi and Todd so the latter can see how awkward their relationship is. They were literally looking like this throughout Marc and Kenya’s banter:

They discussed a lot of things from prenups to how Marc proposed to Kenya. Spoiler alert: The proposal wasn’t romantic. As far as prenups go, Kenya said Marc didn’t want a prenup. Marc said they never discussed it, that she has a problem with revising history, and that they would have been over had she brought one up. As far as the proposal story goes, she surprised him at his place in New York at one point while they were “dating” and he obviously wasn’t expecting her but once he saw her at the door he ran and got the ring and said, “Guess who’s official now!” and showed it to her. And that was it. No bended knee, no ring, nothing.

Then we got on the whole thing about how he said NeNe was nice to him and that he had no problems with her. Kenya was clearly annoyed and mentioned that at one point he felt some type of way about NeNe for saying that Kenya was pregnant with a buffalo because she was talking about his unborn child. Marc claimed that NeNe reached out to apologize. Kenya said that NeNe didn’t reach out to apologize. Kenya was clearly disturbed by this conversation but that seemed like Marc’s mission to poke.

However, Todd and Mike spoke some sense into the situation, which is that while NeNe has been nice to them as well, they would still have their wives’ back (because NeNe has had issues with them too). The concept is, if this is a person who is distressing your significant other then that is a problem because you wouldn’t want to see your significant other upset like that. It’s not like you have to beef with that person too, but you probably shouldn’t go out of your way to compliment them either while also undermining your significant other’s feelings.

Just throw Marc away, ya’ll.

Anyway, is it cool for Marc to be cool with NeNe despite the nasty things she has said about Kenya?

This is what the Tweets are saying (whether good or bad, it’s clear Kenya knows how to keep her name in peoples’ mouths).


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