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One couple has sparked outrage over their racist, tone-deaf photos that mock the poverty and violence that Black people experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Facebook user Cecilia Christin called out photographer John Milton and his wife for having posted insensitive staged images. “What in the fresh yt hell is this mayo encrusted bulls**t? There are literally too many things wrong, here…the audacity of the caucasity,” Christin said in a post.

The images, taken last year, showed the newlyweds using the Congo as a prop in their photos. One image featured the pair being held at gunpoint on top of a volcano. Another image showed the bride on a makeshift wood bicycle surrounded by Black children in a poverty-stricken village, with the caption, “Just cruising’ thru the ghetto in Congo in a wedding dress.”

Social media users have slammed the photos as examples of “misery tourism.”

“Brought to you by the same folks who will marry on a plantation. I’m not shocked when white people so blatantly disrespect people of color, but I am shocked when others are,” another Facebook user said.

Here are a few reactions from Twitter users on the controversial photos.

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