Follow The Beat On Twitter: College. A seven letter word that means different things to different people. Can it be beneficial? Yes. Is a degree in most cases a waste of time for people other than doctors and lawyers? Definitely. Here’s why. I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Business at Texas Woman’s University. […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: According to CBS11 News, the Dallas County promise means that college students can graduate debt free. Although submissions are closed for 2017-2018 year, be sure to visit to get ready for next year and to learn more about this amazing program. -Farlin Ave (@farlinave) Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […] Follow The Beat On Twitter: Debt is easy to get in–and hard to get out of. Most Americans acquire debt with intentions on paying it back. However, sometimes life happens and things don’t always go as planned. Financial guru Dave Ramsey has many tips on how to get out of debt–and stay out of […]