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Co-anchor of  Fox News Specialist Eboni K. Williams is one of the few anchors at Fox News who is a Black woman. Jacque goes inside her story to talk about her new book Pretty Powerful.

She’s recently been receiving death threats for criticizing President Trump on Charlottesville on air.

“I knew exactly what I was writing about,” said Williams.  She continued, “I really called upon the president to do better. What he is doing is already having horrendous consequences. I said what I said to an audience who didn’t necessarily want to hear it and I expected a response. It’s one of those things when you have a platform and you use it and you speak in a way that people don’t like, there is a risk.”

There’s a lot of speculation as to why Williams would work at Fox as a Black woman. She explained, “Fox News felt important because there is a certain viewership that they hold superior. They don’t understand our community. My experience as a criminal justice lawyer has shown me unfortunately what white folks think about Black people in America.” By being there she said, “they can have a little bit more of an understanding of our community and experience.”

On her new book Pretty Powerful, Williams explains that she isn’t talking about pretty as in the physical but in the intellectual. She says, ” A woman that enters the room that is so comfortable in her skin makes everyone want to know what she has to say. As taboo as it is, we know as women that every room that we enter that we are assessed immediately based off of what we look like. Get in front of the narrative and don’t let people project themselves on you.’

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