The Trump Campaign released a statement commemorating Juneteenth by saying in part that "light will always triumph over darkness.” The post The Trump Campaign Marks Juneteenth By Saying That ‘Light Will Always Triumph Over Darkness’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Entitled "Our Spirit," the new Juneteenth ad is the Biden Campaign's latest celebration and honoring of Black American culture. The post Exclusive: New Biden Campaign Juneteenth Ad Honors Black America, Warns Of ‘Those Who Look To Divide’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Dr. Errol Henderson, most notably in one of his more recent works, The Revolution Will Not Be Theorized builds on DuBois’s work, as well as that of Alain Locke, makes the argument we most need to know: We were our own liberators.  The post Juneteenth: The Civil War Was A Black Revolution appeared first on NewsOne.

The San Francisco Giants regretfully announced that MLB legend and Giants great Willie Mays died Tuesday afternoon. 

Byron Donalds is fantasizing about being able to "step in" as vice president to Donald Trump is needed, according to reports. The post Rep. Byron Donalds Warns He Would Be Ready To ‘Step In’ And Be President If He Was Donald Trump’s VP appeared first on NewsOne.

Beneath the muddy waters of the Mobile River lies the shipwrecked Clotilda, the last known slave ship to bring slaves from Africa. The post Clotilda: How Survivors Of The Last American Slave Ship Built One Of The 1st Black Towns appeared first on NewsOne. The Hoopbus travels around the world as a “Vehicle and a Vessel through which momentum, energy and excitement can flow” says co-founder Josh Oglesby. That’s exactly what they brough to Dallas during their stop for the NBA Finals! When it was time for veteran member and ‘Dunk King’ Chris Staples to hit the court […] The post Hoopbus Visits 97.9 The Beat Before Dallas Mavericks NBA Finals Game appeared first on 97.9 The Beat.

After facing rejections from aviation schools in the United States, Coleman headed to Paris, France, in 1920 and enrolled at the Caudron Brothers’ School of Aviation. The following year, she would earn her pilot's license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. The post Black Girls Fly: Remembering Bessie Coleman, The 1st African American Woman Pilot appeared first on NewsOne.

An executive order will benefit more than 100,000 free low-level marijuana possession offenders. The post Gov. Wes Moore Set To Pardon 175,000 People Convicted Of Marijuana Charges appeared first on NewsOne.

We need more honest and dignified media content, from televisions shows to films to music and books. The post Black Fathers Are Most Involved In Their Children’s Lives: End The Fake News Stereotype! appeared first on NewsOne.