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09/19/2017- Musiq Soulchild has new music from his album Feel The Real. He’s at the Red Velvet Cake studio to jam out and give us a sneak peek of what to expect from the full album.

“If I’m not sleeping I’m in the studio. If I’m not on the road I’m in the studio. And If I’m not on the road I’m trying to find time with my son,” says Musiq who just can’t get enough of being in music.

In a lot of his songs, he talks about relationships and love but we never really hear the back story. He explained, “I go through a lot of stuff. I’m a private person and I don’t like talking about my life too much. I don’t think the drama really helps people. It’s the things learned that I believe help people.”

He released four singles from his album ahead of his release date titled, Start Over, Simple Things, Humble Pie, and Sooner Or Later.

Start Over and  Simple Things he explained, “I just like to make good music and I hope someone out there digs it.” But Humble Pie and Sooner Or Later get a little deep.

On Humble Pie“It’s a real song. At one point or another, we’re either serving one up or receiving it. When I write about the things that I write it’s an equal thing. I’m not always the good guy or the bad guy.”

Sooner Or Later gets to the heart of being in love and getting hurt. He says, “That one is about when you’re fed up with love. Been around the block been married and have kids and you think ‘I need to be alone’ when somebody just finds their way in. And sooner or later you’re going to have to let them in. Love hurts sometimes, and you don’t want it to hurt you anymore and you keep the love out.”

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