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Let’s be honest: Lori Harvey is always trending on social media. Whether it’s Harvey’s undeniable beauty or setting off #couplesgoals with actor Michael B. Jordan, the 25-year-old is always the topic of discussion. Unfortunately, the entrepreneur has caused quite the stir on TikTok due to her unconventional skincare hack.

Harvey recently released her skincare line, SKN by LH. And since the entrepreneur is known to share beauty tips with fans, TikTok users thought that she would share some advice using her own products. However, the SKN by LH founder shared a TikTok video about using yogurt in her skincare routine. The entrepreneur described using the diary product to combat dark marks after getting extractions.

“I’m about to put you guys on real quick,” Harvey says with yogurt spread evenly across her face. “So, I got a facial the other day, and she did extractions, and it left a couple of dark marks, and that’s a no-no.”

Harvey then held up a container of greek yogurt, calling it a “game-changer.”

“Put this on after you wash your face, let it dry, wash it off with cold water. It’s like a magic erase marker,” Harvey recommends. Several TikTok users did not take kindly to Harvey’s advice. Some people called out her tip, saying “dairy is bad for skin,” while others agreed with her advice noting that “yogurt contains lactic acid which works to brighten the skin.”

Additionally, one TikToker, @kaela.annesdermacare, called Harvey out for her advice in a response video.

“This is terrible,” the TikToker shared. “It ain’t even about profit or you having your own skincare line. This is terrible advice. She didn’t even consult her esthetician for that. Like, why would you put food on your skin and you just got extractions? Stupid. Don’t be like her.”

Harvey then hopped in the TikToker’s comment section to throw some shade and share that she’s consulted with various skincare professionals with obvious knowledge about this topic instead of a TikToker.

“At least make sure your skin is on point before coming for me, beloved,” Lori said to the TikToker. “Be blessed.”

Lori also took things a step further by posting a follow-up video with esthetician Joanna Vargas, who reassured viewers that yogurt is great for the skin. Joanna shared that yogurt has been used worldwide for multiple perks, including exfoliation, alleviating inflammation, and providing hydration.

The TikToker clapped back again, saying that having healthy skin has nothing to do with skincare knowledge. “Most people have clear skin and probably don’t apply a cleanser to their face for two weeks … It’s also genetics,” the TikToker said. “My skin has definitely come a long way. So again, Stupid.”

Lori responded, saying that she shouldn’t have given [TikToker] any more attention. However, the topic continues to leave skincare aficionados divided. So, is yogurt a suitable option for your skincare routine? New York City-based esthetician, Essence Moore, is setting the record straight.

Moore says yogurt on the face isn’t damaging, but it’s not a miracle worker. “While yogurt on the face isn’t harmful, it isn’t going to yield any miraculous or even obvious results in the skin,” Essence tells us. “Sticking to a hydrating skincare routine is the best post-facial care method.”

Moore shares that applying yogurt to the skin after a professional treatment can take a toll on your skincare journey. “Applying yogurt after a professional treatment can set you back when it comes to the progress of your skin, especially where acne is a concern,” Moore says. “It is typically best for those with acne-prone skin to avoid dairy in their diet and routine.” So, what is the safest option for tackling dark marks and discoloration? It all comes back to having a solid skincare routine in place. “Dark spots and discoloration are best treated with a balanced skincare routine of hydration, chemical exfoliation, and sun protection,” Moore tells us. “Focusing on products that contain antioxidants and peptides is ideal.”

In other words, trying out the yogurt skincare hack comes at your own risk. Play it safe and consult with your esthetician or dermatologist for a customized skincare routine.


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