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Good Morning Everybody!

As you all already know, Andrew Gillum won his election in Florida on Tuesday and became the first African American to ever be nominated by a major party to be Governor in the State of Florida. On Tuesday morning, right here on the show, I told you all that I thought Andrew was actually in first, and not second as the polls showed, because they were underestimating Black voters and young voters, and we were right.

Instead of being down by 5%, Andrew ended up winning by about 4%, which is a 9% swing.

I really do think Andrew can win this election, but it’s going to take everything we’ve got to make that happen. In the end, on Tuesday, while Andrew won his election, more Republicans actually voted than Democrats. Democrats are notorious for not showing up in primaries, but we’re going to have to show up in this general election like never before.

So, I want to give you some good information.

You need to go right now to to make sure you are properly registered to vote. Once you are there, you can check your registration status, you can register if it says you aren’t already registered, you can check your voting location, and so much more – and it only takes two minutes. And here’s why this is important for you to do now.

While the elections are in November, in some states you have to be registered 30 days in advance – so go ahead and take care of that now @ All over the country we have so many elections that really, really matter and we’re going to need every single one of you to vote.

As you may have seen, Andrews opponent in Florida is basically a stunt double for Donald Trump. Ron DeSantis is the Republican nominee for Governor in Florida, and is a Trump loyalist. And DeSantis, while speaking of Andrew on Fox News yesterday, literally compared Andrew to a monkey. I’m not even buying that it was a figure of speech. Ron DeSantis has done nearly 200 television interviews and this was the first time he even used the word “monkey” – and it happened to be in reference to his first Black opponent in his political career.

Right away, Donald Trump has already started dissing Andrew on Twitter, but when he does this, all he does is make Andrew even more well known. Since he won on Tuesday night, Andrew went from 98,000 followers on Twitter to 211,000. We just need to make sure that all of our listeners in Florida not only vote, but volunteer. If you go to you can learn all about how you can donate and volunteer today.

I wanna switch gears for just a minute and give everybody an update on the trial of Roy Oliver, the suburban Dallas police officer who shot and killed 15 year old Jordan Edwards last year. I’ve talked about Jordan on air many times and came to know his wonderful parents, Odell and Charmaine. On Tuesday evening Officer Roy Oliver was found guilty of the murder of Jordan Edwards – and late last night he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. I know many people wanted him to get a life sentence like any one of us would’ve normally received if we had shot and killed a child, but that sentence is actually pretty strong. We believe he’ll serve all or nearly all of those 15 years and let me say this. Every one of those days, weeks, months is going to be long for this man. This is the closest thing to justice that we’ve seen in a very long time when it comes to police brutality.

Now Real Justice would be Jordan being alive and us not even knowing his name because he’s just a regular old kid in a small town in Texas, but in the meantime this is going to have to do.

I wanna switch gears one more time and close this morning with some thoughts about the NFL. I’m still boycotting and I don’t think I’ll ever be watching any games in this league again. Not only have they basically given Colin Kaepernick a lifetime ban from the league because of a peaceful demonstration against police brutality, they’ve now done the same thing to his Pro Bowl teammate Eric Reid.

Eric and Colin are my friends. They are two of the best men I’ve ever met. Bigger than that, these men put their entire careers on the line for all of us and they are being persecuted because of it. Listen, I’ve loved football my entire life. Have watched it for over 30 years.

But we can’t support a league or a company that treats us like this. It’s wrong. And I know that may be inconvenient for some of us, but if these men can lose their careers for us, the least we can do is watch something else instead.

I’ve gotta run. Take care everybody!




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