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India Landry, a former Black student at Windfern High School near Houston, TX, was expelled last year for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  In a previous interview with KHOU, India said

I don’t believe the flag is for what it says it’s for… For liberty and justice and all that… It’s obviously not with what’s going on in America today.”

India and her mother filed a lawsuit claiming the school’s decision was unjust and violated her rights. Recently (Sept 25, 2018), the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, stepped in to stand behind the school and defend a law that mandates all students to stand for the pledge.  Since then, India has missed her graduation and has not been back allowed into Cy-Fair ISD.

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The U.S. flag, which is composed of 13 stripes (representing the original colonies) and 50 stars (representing the 50 states) to most Americans is a reminder of their history. However, keep in mind that freedom was not obtained easily or by doing the right thing–it came about through rebellion against Britain and wars. So for Americans of European decent–the flag is a good thing. But for African Americans, the trauma and oppression that they received as a result of another race’s freedom is hardly fair.

This case is a smaller piece to a larger puzzle and an example of what many minorities in America already know today–that liberty and justice for all is simply not true. As far as their actions, the state is subliminally saying that yes, the worshiping of the flag is more important than a Black girl’s education. The trial will take place in April of 2019.

Sources: KHOU11/CBS News

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